Kevin’s Apple Wood Smoked BBQ

What Makes Kevin’s Famous Pulled Pork So Good?

Every Saturday night here a Mountain Stream Kevin and Gena provide free Pulled Pork and buns while it lasts.  Campers can grab a sandwich and head back to their site or stay and socialize with other campers.  Or even bring some sides and make it a full meal.

Well, we are not going to give away all the secrets but here are some key things:

  • We start with good fresh pork.  Every Thursday morning Kevin heads into Marion and makes a trip to the best butcher around: West Court Food Center.  West Court is locally Owned and if you have not visited you should.  In addition to the best meats anywhere they are famous for their sausage.  Here is an article about West Court.
  • Thursday night Kevin puts his homemade rub on the pork.  The rub is on the pork for over 24 hours.
  • Friday night Kevin fires up the smoker.  Over the last 20 years we have tried nearly every wood.  We think for the pork butts Applewood is the best.  It gives the pork a nice smoky flavor without overwhelming the pork.  The butts are smoked for over 12 hours.
  • Saturday morning Kevin takes the butts out of the smoker and wraps them in aluminum foil and keeps them warm in the oven.  This really allows all the pork to get full of flavor.
  • Also, Saturday morning Kevin makes his homemade sauce.  It is a true North Carolina vinegar-based sauce with a little kick.
  • Around 3 PM Kevin starts pulling apart the pork butts and Gena makes sure they are shredded so that every bite is delicious.
  • At 6 PM we pour the sauce over the pork and bring it out to the pavilion.
  • So over-all it is a 3 day process.

After everyone gets a sandwich we bring the unofficial park mascot over:  Ralphie the Chinese Shar-Pei.  We look forward to seeing you!