2012 Camper Comments

We completely enjoyed our stay at Mountain Stream. Ron & Becky are great hosts and very helpful. We enjoyed getting together with the other campers for a Thanksgiving meal. We will certainly be back soon! (Pop-Up 11/18 – 11/23)
Mike & Kendra Conner Daphne, AL Site 24 11/23/2012
What a pleasant surprise, such a beautiful place! Clean restrooms, well laid out sites, well maintained property. Thank you so much! (21′ Travel Trailer 11/12 – 11/13)
Charles & Jacque Craig Pueblo West, CO Site 35 11/13/2012
One word: tranquil. This was our first trip to Mountain Stream RV Park. It won’t be the last! Not only is it a pretty, nice place to camp, it was so peaceful and relaxing. We enjoyed meeting Ron and Becky, who are the best hosts/owners. The mountain stream behind our “little house” was enjoyed by all of us. It’s all we thought it would be – and more. Best trip ever! (30′ Travel Trailer 11/09 – 11/12)
Kenneth & Mildred Skinner & Pandi Wilson, NC Site 13 11/12/2012
We had a great time. Enjoyed our time here. Campground was very clean and kept up well. This campground is just a great place to camp and enjoy the outdoors and we love the creek. One of our favorite campgrounds. Always enjoy meeting the other campers – all have been very nice. Thanks Becky & Ron for such a nice campground to come to. (38′ 5th Wheel 11/03 – 11/11)
Avery & Beth Adams Salisbury, NC Site 23 11/11/2012
Neatest and most well thought out and organized van park we have stayed in to date! We love the over-water balcony sites. Thanks for a pleasant over-night stay. (32′ Motorhome 11/09 – 11/10)
Peter & Marie Hall Loganholme, Australia Site 36 11/10/2012
Mountain Stream is a beautiful camping resort. It is clean and well kept. We brought our daughter, son-in-law, and two grandchildren for their first camping experience and now they have the highest expectations for all camp resorts. We will definitely put this at the top of our list of “Great Camping Resorts”. We loved it and will be back. (36′ 5th Wheel 11/02 – 11/04)
Randy & Debbie Beaver Matthews, NC Site 19 11/04/2012
Beautiful campground – maintenance daily! Bath houses – extra clean. Need a nite light @ dog lot! Good location to travel around for sight seeing – hiking – shopping. Had a wonderful visit – owners real nice, they will assist to help you in any way. We will come again. (34′ Motorhome 10/28 – 11/02)
Bill & Annette Hallyburton Mount Gilead, NC Site 23 11/02/2012
Once again, we had a very peaceful, relaxing stay at what we call our ‘mountain home’. As usual, you both have been very excellent hosts and we always look forward to returning. Even though the rather windy and cooler conditions during the last part of our stay (not to mention my back problem), we have thoroughly enjoyed our restful time. P.S. Izzy and Frisky, our ‘camper cats’ both had a great time. (30′ 5th Wheel 10/18 – 11/01)
Bill & Nina Eaddy Hemingway, SC Site 01 10/31/2012
This was our first time camping at Mountain Stream. There couldn’t possibly be a more beautiful setting to camp! A peaceful stream by our campsite, beautifully landscaped and well-maintained grounds, and an immaculate bath house. The staff was very warm and cordial also. We were even lucky to be there for a special Bar-B-Q dinner at the pavilion. We definitely will be back! (17′ Travel Trailer 10/26 – 10/29)
Richard & Linda Greene Charlotte, NC Site 06 10/29/2012
I had a few days before transferring to a new store location with the company I work for. I was looking for a quiet and peaceful getaway. Mountain Stream RV Park was the answer. The drive there and the park itself was a real pleasure. I look forward to coming back. Anyone who is looking for or needs a change in their daily routine, even for just a couple of days, should consider this place as their private getaway. Thank you Ron and Becky. (27′ Motorhome 10/28 – 10/29)
Jeff & Carmen Campbell Maiden, NC Site 22 10/29/2012
We have been coming here for the last 8 years. It is a very quiet & enjoyable campground. We love camping on the stream. The socials are very enjoyable. We’ve been here for the chili cook-off & Halloween social. It is a lot of fun. We have also been here at Thanksgiving. God Bless this campground! (26′ Travel Trailer 10/25 – 10/28)
Randy & Cindy Ray Williston, SC Site 19 10/28/2012
This campground is very nice. It is immaculately kept and small enough to be cozy and big enough to be active. Flat graveled circular drive, gravel at each site (no need for mats!) with individual firepits. The sites on the creek are great, relaxing and soothing. The bathhouses are a little dated, but very clean and accommodating. I would highly recommend this campground. Great place to escape to for a week, or two! (32′ Motorhome 10/20 – 10/27)
Robert & Myriam Brown Ridgeway, SC Site 26 10/27/2012
Thanks for an excellent stay. (Conversion Van 10/23 – 10/24)
Larry Wohlwend Green Bay, WI Site 34 10/24/2012
We had a nice, quiet time. thank you. We always meet nice people here. Hope to see you again next year. (28′ Travel Trailer 10/14 – 10/24)
Tom & Terri Mitchell Denver, NC Site 19 10/23/2012
Beautiful campground. Very well manicured. Perfect site. Love it. Hope to get here again. Thanks. (38′ Motorhome 10/19 – 10/24)
Fred & Sandy Johnston New Port Richey, FL Site 35 10/23/2012
Wonderful get-a-way. Quiet & picturesque. This is my third stay with you this season and I hope to get back again this year. Definitely next year. (30′ Travel Trailer 10/19 – 10/22)
Van Stuart Walhalla, SC Site 15 10/22/2012
We have travelled all over the USA & Canada and this is one of our favorite spots. We visited here in July and again in October, so we were able to enjoy the area during summer blooms and fall foliage. Beautiful area. We can describe Mountain Stream RV Park like this: Beautiful location. Friendly & helpful owners. Clean & very well kept. Quiet. Small park without feeling cramped. We will be back. Definitely worth the drive. Just make sure you drive up from Marion (I-40) especially if you’re big. You won’t be sorry. Say hi to Charlie when you visit. Thanks again Ron & Becky. (42′ Motorhome 10/17 – 10/22)
Tony & Lynn Quinn Lutz, FL Site 30 10/22/2012
RV park is in a beautiful setting, level pads, very clean. Ron and Becky are hospitable and helpful with directions and attractions in the area. When in the area, we will visit again and recommend to friends. (33′ Motorhome 10/18 – 10/23)
William & Beverly Edwards Cantonment, FL Site 33 10/22/2012
Thank you for providing a beautiful place for a very relaxing weekend. We enjoyed our stay as we have every time we’ve been here since 2006. We appreciate the cleanliness of your bathhouse and grounds. We look forward to our next stay with you. (36′ 5th Wheel 10/18 – 10/21)
Charles & Carol Burgin Charlotte, NC Site 09 10/21/2012
Your well kept, quiet park has been great for vacation. I’m dependent on unlimited internet access, so the limited access has been a challenge. (28′ Travel Trailer 09/22 – 10/21)
Patricia Link Charlotte, NC Site 16 10/21/2012
Owner’s Comment: See our comment below about unlimited internet access. However, we really don’t understand the problem here. This lady was here for a month, and never once came close to using too much access – in fact most days her usage was quite a bit less than most of the other people on the system. Asked about her comment and her reply was she was afraid she would use too much and not have access when she needed it.
Your campground is beautiful and the sites are very spacious. We really enjoyed our visit and will be returning. There is nothing that need improving. It is perfect. Thank you again for a wonderful vacation!! (21′ Travel Trailer 10/13 – 10/20)
Paul & Jenn Goulas Port Saint Lucie, FL Site 26 10/20/2012
(1) Please put a 2nd gate into the other side of the pet pen. With your strict pet rules, if you are on the “stream” side of the park, it asks a lot of a dog to walk all the way around to the existing gate w/o having to relieve themselves.

(2) Bring in a more robust wifi service! Even if you have to charge for it. Some of us like to work away from home & a really good wifi is a must & worth paying for access. You could offer a 2 level service. The free one would be what you now have. The upgrade (not Tengo) would cost $ so you covered your costs.

(3) Beautiful, well managed park. that is worth a visit any time of the year, very relaxing…

(36′ Motorhome 10/14 – 10/20)

Richard & Penny Yood Tallahassee, FL Site 08 10/19/2012
Owner’s Comment: (1) Our “strict” pet rules are that you keep your pet leased and clean up after them. We ask that you don’t let your pets pee or poop in the grass on the sites or in the center area where the children play. Anywhere in the gravel areas or in the fenced in dog park is OK. As far as a 2nd gate on the other side of the pet area – this is a parking area where trucks are usually backed up against the fence preventing any access to a gate. Even if a 2nd gate was accessible, The difference in distance (from site 8) would be 97 yards vs. 131 yards for the existing gate – and the full distance in either case is over graveled areas where it is OK for for the pet to pee or poop. So we don’t see how this “asks a lot of a dog” to walk an additional 34 yards to relieve themselves.

(2) As for a more robust wifi service – we currently have the most generous package offered by Hughesnet (or any other satellite provider we’ve talked to). There are enterprise plans for large companies that offer plans with unlimited satellite access and we have contacted several of these providers. The least expensive quote for unlimited access was $16,800/year plus $2,700 for equipment from Broad Sky Networks. This is not something we can do. People don’t seem to realize that up here in the mountains there are very few options for internet access – it’s either satellite or dial-up, period. There is no cellular access here and no cable internet, DSL or T1 lines are available like there is in metropolitan areas. Most of our campers use our wi-fi and 99% of them don’t use enough bandwidth to be a problem. We often have 40 – 45 users on the system without any problem. However, the remaining 1% who seem to need more than 10-20 other users combined will have a problem here. Sorry, but that’s how it is.

We really enjoyed our vacation at Mountain Stream. This friendly and quiet piece of paradise has provided the perfect mountain getaway. The facilities are well kept. We highly recommend this RV park. We plan to return. (30′ Travel Trailer 10/12 – 10/19)
Mike & Bonnie Radford Garner, NC Site 25 10/19/2012
We have really enjoyed our stay here. It was just too short. Your park is so beautiful along the creek. We enjoyed sitting out in the evening around the fire and just listening to the water rushing over the rocks. So peaceful. The fall colors are beautiful.

When I was looking at reviews for your park, the Yahoo page pulled up one that said you were not pet friendly. I did not find that to be true. You have gravel all over the place and even a fenced pet area with grass. That should take care of anyone’s pet needs. You have a very well managed place that you really care about. Thanks so much. (34′ 5th Wheel 10/14 – 10/18)

David & Edith Wilson Camden, SC Site 01 10/18/2012
The park was everything & more than we expected from the web site. It is a very clean, quiet & picturesque setting. Will plan to visit again in the spring. (27′ Travel Trailer 10/11 – 10/18)
Paul & Christine Williams Ridge Manor, FL Site 37 10/18/2012
Another excellent camping experience. Can’t wait to come back next year. Thanks! Again!! (24′ Travel Trailer 10/11 – 10/16)
Charlie & Terry Andrews Prince Frederick, MD Site 24 10/16/2012
Another great stay. Very clean campground, sites are great, love the stream. We will continue to come back. Our little slice of Heaven. (35′ Motorhome 10/11 – 10/15)
Mike & Sue Spath Troutman, NC Site 02 10/15/2012
Mountain Stream RV Park is a very nice and clean campground. We enjoyed the chili cook-off and the fellowship. We met a lot of nice people and enjoyed the stream behind our campsite #6. We will come back soon for another visit. (25′ Travel Trailer 10/12 – 10/15)
Mark & Kim Love York, SC Site 06 10/15/2012
It’s so good to have such a peaceful and friendly place to come back to. (28′ Travel Trailer 10/11 – 10/14)
Bob & Kathy Moore Raleigh, NC Site 08 10/14/2012
Beautiful, clean and relaxing RV Park. Every visit we enjoy even more than the one before. We will be back again. (31′ 5th Wheel 10/12 – 10/15)
David & Barbie Duggins Walkertown, NC Site 22 10/14/2012
Wonderful place to camp! This was our first time here. Plan on returning later. Very clean & roomy sites! (24′ Class C 10/11 – 10/13)
Terry & Trudy Grice Charlotte, NC Site 23 10/13/2012
Enjoyed our stay very much! It is a beautiful & well kept campground. We hope to return often. (30′ Travel Trailer 10/08 – 10/13)
Royce & Denise Chance Cohutta, GA Site 26 10/13/2012
Best vacation spot for rest and relaxation surrounded by God’s beautiful creation. A great week. (32′ 5th Wheel 10/06 – 10/12)
Fred & Miriam Hayes Fletcher, NC Site 36 10/11/2012
We camped here in Oct. 2102. Very nice, pretty and quiet park. So refreshing for the park to look exactly as the pictures depict on the internet. Owners are very helpful without being overbearing. Only back draw is no cell phone service, but you know this coming in. However, they do have a phone for use with a calling card or collect calls. We would definitely come back here again. So quiet, peaceful and relaxing. Lives up to the slogan “Prettiest Little Park this side of Heaven.” We camped in a travel trailer. (30′ Travel Trailer 09/29 – 10/06)
Tony & Linda Russo Hurdle Mills, NC Site 20 10/06/2012
Very clean restroom/bath house. Well maintained grounds. Best we’ve seen. (37′ 5th Wheel 10/03 – 10/06)
Jerry & Gail Bryson Cherryville, NC Site 08 10/06/2012
You have a neat campground. Clean & well kept. We hope to come back next season. (29′ Travel Trailer 09/30 – 10/04)
Willard & Varah Moose Mount Pleasant, NC Site 25 10/04/2012
A very comfortable, quiet and scenic little place. Nicely kept. We really enjoyed all the cutely placed garden beds. They really made our stay here feel “homey”. The pet park is a plus! Thank you for having us! (32′ 5th Wheel 09/29 – 10/04)
Bradley & Cheryl Evans Colorado Springs, CO Site 19 10/04/2012
We have camped here several times and never have been disappointed with the upkeep and beauty of the park. (34′ 5th Wheel 09/28 – 09/30)
Derby & Linda Holshouser Salisbury, NC Site 02 09/30/2012
What a wonderful retreat by a beautiful mountain stream!! So glad we checked it out! We’ll definitely return! Warm and friendly owners run this sweet spot. Also, a beautiful area of N.C. near the Blue Ridge Parkway, our favorite national area. Normally we ride the parkway near our little town of Mount Airy (Mayberry), NC, which is about 15-20 minutes from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia. You must check out this RV park near Mount Mitchell. (30′ Class C 09/23 – 09/25)
Tim & Daphne Ayers Mount Airy, NC Site 07 09/25/2012
This was our seventh year vacationing at Mountain Stream. This is our favorite place to camp. The camp grounds are beautiful and the bathrooms are immaculate. Ron & Becky are so nice and helpful. If you need a place to relax and get away from it all, this is the place! (Pop-Up 09/15 – 09/22)
Grady & Susan Calcote Lawrenceville, GA Site 13 09/22/2012
Nice relaxing stay at this beautiful RV park. So close to the parkway and its breathtaking views. We will be back again! (30′ Travel Trailer 09/13 – 09/16)
Mark Holcomb Cleveland, NC Site 03 09/16/2012
We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. Mountain Stream RV Park is truly the “Prettiest Little Park This Side of Heaven.” Ron, thanks for your help with “converting” our TV to cable! We look forward to visiting again soon. (19′ Travel Trailer 09/08 – 09/10)
Alvin & Vicki Coggins Lake Lure, NC Site 08 09/10/2012
Very nice facility – thoroughly enjoyed staying here. Will be Back! (35′ Motorhome 09/06 – 09/09)
Hoke Mitchiner Garner, NC Site 16 09/08/2012
This is a very pretty campground. The owners have paid great attention to detail. Unfortunately the internet limitations will prevent us from coming back because I am an online college professor and must be able to connect to my students. If the internet limitations ever changed, we would definitely come back. We chose to kennel our dog because after reading the pet restrictions, but think he would’ve loved being here. As for the negative comments about the owners, we found them courteous & professional. I was grateful for the help Ron gave my husband backing in, in the dark. (40′ 5th Wheel 08/31 – 09/03)
Steve & Rebecca Eck Lexington, SC Site 02 09/03/2012
Owner’s Comment: This issue comes up several times every season, but there is little we can do to improve the situation. Up here in the mountains, the only internet access available is via satellite. We have the most generous usage plan offered by Hughesnet. If, during any 24 hour period, we exceed the plan’s usage limit, we will be shut down for the following 24 hrs. The park’s Wi-Fi system tracks the usage of each user. We have 5 years of usage data and from this know the average daily usage per user. We have the system set up to cut off any user who’s daily usage exceeds 500% of the daily average. We don’t like cutting off someone’s internet access, but cutting off one person is better than allowing everyone to be cut off.
Loved this campsite – just beautiful. Everyone was friendly and quiet. Will come back again. (19′ Travel Trailer 08/31 – 09/03)
Robert & Malinda Galimore Norwood, NC Site 38 09/03/2012
A beautiful, well laid out and maintained RV park. The setting is awesome with the mountain stream and the forested area. The owners are super and take extra care with every detail of the park. It is a lovely and soothing place to stay and so close to many mountain venues. (38′ Motorhome 08/19 – 08/26)
Daniel & Janet Bryant Starkville, MS Site 13 08/26/2012
Arrived 4:30pm Friday. Checked in. My motor home’s parking brake stuck in the on position, park manager called a truck repair service. They arrived in 30 min and fixed the problem. Thank you for that. The site is one of the best my wife and I have stayed on. The stream is fabulous, just what we needed. You never know when you book on the internet, but WOW!! (35′ Motorhome 08/24 – 08/26)
Mike & Sue Spath Troutman, NC Site 20 08/26/2012
This is a lovely serene place rest – kind of a hideaway. Enchanting and romantic. The restrooms are tidy and very serviceable and the grounds well manicured. You offer fine hospitality! (26′ Class C 08/24 – 08/25)
Bob & Anita Foster Canton, NC Site 06 08/25/2012
If you are looking for peace and quiet to recover from your busy life this is definitely the place to be. We love being right on the creek listening to the water. (30′ Travel Trailer 08/15 – 08/17)
Steve & Tina Toney Ellenboro, NC Site 08 08/17/2012
This campground is by far the nicest, cleanest camping facility we have ever visited. We have enjoyed our stay immensely, and we will certainly be back! Thank you for our stay a memorable and fun experience – we have found our mountain get-away! (26′ Travel Trailer 08/14 – 08/17)
Jeff & Kimberly Lollis Clinton, SC Site 10 08/17/2012
We have always enjoyed coming to Mountain Stream. This year, because of family illness, we didn’t think we would be able to take a vacation, but God opened a door for us to be able to get away to rest and heal. We haven’t been to another campground that is as clean and well kept as this one. This is our fifth time staying here and our second time on site 13. Every spot is nice, but this is our favorite. It’s perfect place to go from to visit waterfalls and the Parkway, but it’s so beautiful and quiet here that it was hard to go anywhere. Sitting by the creek, reading, swinging and enjoying the campfire. It is just perfect. Thank you Ron and Becky for everything you do. (28′ Travel Trailer 08/12 – 08/17)
Joe & Sherry Kennedy Mooresville, NC Site 13 08/17/2012
We enjoyed the stay. Only wish we could stay longer. Beautiful, clean and restful. Couldn’t want for any better. (28′ Class C 08/15 – 08/16)
Larry & Edna Raynor Dunn, NC Site 09 08/16/2012
We have camped @ Mtn Stream RV Park four times and are always so pleased with this immaculate RV park. The owners obviously spend a lot of time & money on upkeep. The roomy fenced dog park is a wonderful addition. It’s always very quiet and the people we meet here are very nice. The bathrooms are kept amazingly clean. The wifi works well. There are just so many great things about Mtn Stream – try it for yourself! P.S. We had a tremendous amount of rain one night & even though every site is very level, the design of the park makes the whole place drain – no standing water anywhere. (Pop-Up 08/09 – 08/11)
Mike & Paula Bostic Terrell, NC Site 24 08/16/2012
Loved your Campground! Very well maintained. Will com back for Sure. (30′ Class C 08/11 – 08/13)
Juan Carlos & Victoria Quijano North Miami Beach, FL Site 19 08/13/2012
Been here 3 times. Love it here, beautiful campground. We plan on coming back soon! Thank you for such a wonderful time. (19′ Travel Trailer 08/10 – 08/12)
Michael & Eva Smith Marion, NC Site 01 08/12/2012
We had a great time. Kids wouldn’t get out of the stream. Good fishing too! (17′ Travel Trailer 08/10 – 08/12)
Erich & Beverly Froebrich Fort Mill, SC Site 02 08/12/2012
Loved it! We have camped at many parks since 1988 & Mountain Stream RV Park will be one of our new found favorites. Of course the mountain stream is why we came here, but the park itself is so clean & well cared for that we’ll be back as often as possible. Thank you Ron & Becky, we can’t find anything we would change about your campground. (25′ Travel Trailer 08/10 – 08/12)
Rob & Mary Werner Buford, GA Site 17 08/12/2012
Clean, quiet campground on the creek. Our “Prime Super Size” campsite was misleading. The space was too tight for our 5th wheel and truck. Would probably come back to a different site. Very peaceful, kept up. (36′ 5th Wheel 08/09 – 08/12)
Harold & Lynne Fulmer Newberry, SC Site 25 08/12/2012
We had 2 weeks of the most wonderful and relaxing stay as Mountain Stream RV Park. The whole park is beautifully maintained with spacious unique sites for Big Rigs. Just loved the sights and sounds coming from the stream that flows along the park. Our 3 furry kids loved their fenced in special area, but I do have 1 request -tube lighting all around the wood as in other areas of the park for their night outings. Ron, sorry we arrived so late on a Sunday night. Thank you for helping us get our 40ft coach situated in the pouring rain. Your thoughtfulness and commitment shine throughout the park. We definitely would like to come back. (40′ Motorhome 07/22 – 08/06)
Rod & Linda White Bryson City, NC Site 02 08/06/2012
This was our “maiden” voyage with our new camper. When everything was connected and turned on, we had no hot water. Ron did not hesitate to help us fix the problem. Beautiful, clean campground. (32′ Travel Trailer 07/31 – 08/02)
Rod & Linda White Bryson City, NC Site 02 08/02/2012
Another great visit at Mtn Stream with Ron & Becky. This one was too short. Se ya soon. (34′ Travel Trailer 07/27 – 07/29)
Randy, Catherine, Carlson & Hattie Perrenoud Inman, SC Site 02 07/29/2012
This is a wonderful campground to come & relax. Owners are very personal & friendly. Family oriented & all sites are great – I wish we had found this place years ago. We will be back soon and plan to bring our friends too. Just an awesome place to stay. Enjoyed the fellowship at Sunnyvale Baptist Church. Thanks Ron & Becky. (31′ Travel Trailer 07/27 – 07/29)
John & Linda Foster Charlotte, NC Site 04 07/29/2012
Y’alls place could not be any nicer. We had a great time and will be coming back for sure. (23′ Travel Trailer 07/26 – 07/29)
Bob & Kim Smith Spencer, NC Site 16 07/28/2012
We love staying here. It is very clean and very quiet. We have stayed here since Caymen was 3 years old & he is now 8. We keep coming back. (29′ 5th Wheel 07/26 – 07/29)
Jimmy & Pam Morgan Morganton, NC Site 28 07/28/2012
The campsite was one of the most well-groomed and clean sites we have ever stayed at. I really appreciated the well kept bathrooms. We truly enjoyed the beautiful sound of the running creek right beside the cam peer and the deck that went out over the creek. The boys loved spending time in the water. We would recommend this campground for a peaceful, blessed stay. (Pop-Up 07/23 – 07/27)
Joe & Jeanette Lytle Lynnville, IN Site 15 07/27/2012
We were quite pleased with the CG. While we’ve only experienced a few others, both as campers and as guests, we really enjoyed many of the qualities of this RV park, especially the dog park. Thanks to Ron for his help in getting us backed in safely. (34′ Motorhome 07/25 – 07/27)
Tim & Lynn Avary Lake Toxaway, NC Site 20 07/27/2012
Nothing but wonderful. Clean, neat, well managed. This will be on our list for stops next time we come to N.C. Thanks for everything. (34′ 5th Wheel 07/19 – 07/22)
David & LuAnne Wahlstrom Naples, FL Site 36 07/24/2012
We like this place very much. We can see how much care goes into this park. All the details! Wonderful ;-). Thanks a lot. (25′ Class C 07/22 – 07/23)
Angelika Niehoff Vredn, Germany Site 03 07/23/2012
Thanks for another beautiful weekend! Your help with yellow jackets was appreciated and the ice cream social was a blast! Looking forward to seeing you again next year. (27′ Travel Trailer 07/19 – 07/22)
Brian & Lesley Bradley Cary, NC Site 24 07/22/2012
We always look forward to pulling in the driveway knowing we are going to be greeted with a hug and a smile. We have stayed on so many different sites and have never been unhappy with any of them. We love you both and pray for a quick recovery for you Becky. (29′ 5th Wheel 07/15 – 07/22)
Gary & Linda Wofford Spartanburg, SC Site 20 07/21/2012
Mountain Stream RV Park is one of the nicest parks we’ve ever stayed in. Super quiet & peaceful. Beautiful scenery, excellent sites and a wonderful stream that runs continuously making a wonderful sound to the ears. Ron & Becky are great hosts and do all they can to make your stay comfortable. (27′ 5th Wheel 07/04 – 07/08)
David & Janice Payne Haw River, NC Site 15 07/08/2012
We really enjoyed our stay with Ron & Becky at Mountain Stream RV Park. We had just returned from a trip out west with our motorhome which we had purchased in Dec 2011, so we were looking for a place just to relax and do nothing but lounge around and get rested up from our trip. We could not have found a more perfect place. We sat beside the stream in lots of shade during the day and read books, listened to Gospel Music. We never left the park during our 4 days here. Thanks Ron & Becky for a place to relax and enjoy God’s creation with others. (39′ Motorhome 07/05 – 07/08)
Mickey & Ann Caldwell Maiden, NC Site 30 07/08/2012
What a wonderful week! Such a lovely campground. Dave & I had no idea really where you were in conjunction to mountain activities and found you to be the perfect spot to stay in! We met wonderful folks here, felt we had known them our entire lives, it was hard to leave. Hope to be back next summer to enjoy your “Little Place in Heaven!” Thank you so much! (29′ Travel Trailer 06/30 – 07/07)
David & Sandra Gallant Deltona, FL Site 16 07/07/2012
We thoroughly enjoyed our 4 nights of stay @ Mtn. Stream RV Park and agree that it is truly on of the prettiest & cleanest campgrounds that we have ever visited. (It was a nice surprise to discover that Mtn Stream now has cable, way to go!). We will certainly be returning again in the near future. Thank you, Ron & Becky, for all the hard work you do to make camping such an enjoyable experience! (24′ Travel Trailer 07/03 – 07/07)
Gary & Linda Baker Granite Falls, NC Site 35 07/07/2012
Mountain Stream continues to be an enchanting spot in the perfect mountain setting. Ron & Becky continue to improve the park as we noted on our third visit here. If you want to just relax in a beautifully shaded mountain park by the side of a very pretty babbling mountain stream, this is the place to go. It really is the “prettiest little park this side of heaven”. (28′ Travel Trailer 07/04 – 07/06)
Bob & Marnie Wolf Wilmington, NC Site 36 07/06/2012
Loved the park. Campsites were clean and well maintained. The surroundings were very pleasant. Very pet friendly with a great dog park. This definitely won’t be our last visit. (35′ 5th Wheel 06/27 – 07/03)
Bill & Gail Farrell Crystal River, FL Site 09 07/03/2012
Very clean, well run, comfortable sites. Beautiful – peaceful. Wonderful sleeping to the sounds of the babbling brook, i.e. Buck Creek. (25′ Travel Trailer 06/25 – 07/02)
John & Judy Parliman Inverness, FL Site 26 07/02/2012
A real gem! Beautifully landscaped & meticulously maintained – particularly charming with night lighting! Easily accessed gravel sites are surrounded by lush green lawns & trees. Along with the babbling stream these all helped to keep us cool during the heat wave. Very friendly owners & Neighbors. Work the rather narrow, windy road to get there. (35′ Motorhome 06/28 – 07/02)
Keith & Kerry Leisner Box Elder, SD Site 36 07/02/2012
This park was very relaxing and clean. Grounds are clean and well groomed. Bath house was always clean and well maintained. Staff is very friendly and always ready to help if needed. We will be back to stay here again. (Pop-up 06/28 – 07/01)
Johnny & Sandy Arrowood Bostic, NC Site 04 07/01/2012
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit here at Mountain Stream RV Park. We met some wonderful people and the Johnston’s made us feel very welcome. The park is beautifully landscaped and sites are ample and immaculate. We definitely plan on visiting again in the near future. (29′ Motorhome 06/24 – 06/28)
Nelson & Betsy High Littleton, NC Site 07 06/28/2012
This was our third time here and as always it was great. It really is the prettiest park this side of Heaven. (40′ Motorhome 06/26 – 06/28)
Donnie & Audry Edwards Allensville, KY Site 08 06/28/2012
This is the nicest campground we have stayed in. The surrounding nature & stream are wonderful, the plantings and flowers are outstanding and the place is spotless. We would be back anytime. (22′ Class B 06/24 – 06/26)
Donald & Adria Casey Roanoke, VA Site 08 06/26/2012
We absolutely love this place. It should be called “peace” because that is what it is for us. And it’s true peace – God’s piece. Thank you Ron & Becky for allowing God to use you for His purposes. We love you both. (32′ 5th Wheel 06/22 – 06/25)
Fred & Miriam Hayes Fletcher, NC Site 36 06/25/2012
Your campground came highly recommended. We can understand why. Great campground and facilities. We will recommend Mountain Stream to our family and friends. It’s a quiet and friendly campground. Close to area attractions, fishing (right out our back door) and shopping if you’re not looking for a quiet, restful stay. Again, thanks for such a wonderful weekend. We will be back. (27′ Travel Trailer 06/22 – 06/24)
Donald & Barbara Byers Statesville, NC Site 06 06/24/2012
Owner’s Comment: The comment below was from a camper who is upset because his full deposit was not refunded when he cancelled his reservation the day before he was due to arrive. Our cancellation policy is on the website and on every reservation confirmation we send out. I’m sorry he’s upset that this policy actually applies to him. We credited his account (actually the account of the person who paid the deposit for him) for half of the deposit amount – but it sounds like he probably won’t be using that credit.
Even though God has created the beauty that everyone enjoys at your campground Ron, you do not show the same though your action which makes your campground very undesirable. What God has made you have defiled. You call yourself a Christian, but your actions show no fruit. I want you to keep the money that we put down on a reservation for this past weekend and you use it, hopefully for the glory of God, but you use it and I hope you can live with yourself. Me and my family will never come back to your campground and will tell others if they are planning to come there not because of how you treat others. My prayer is that God change your heart and truly make your place a true christian retreat. (27′ Travel Trailer 06/22 – 06/24)
Roy & Debbie Ingle Asheville, NC Site 06 06/24/2012
Great campground! Lives up to its motto “nicest little campground this side of Heaven”. The park is well manicured and clean. The owners are nice and very helpful. (36′ 5th Wheel 06/13 – 06/24)
Ed & Judy Emery Gainesville, FL Site 07 06/24/2012
Another great year at Mountain Stream RV Park. This is our 3rd year here and is one of our favorites to camp. Good peaceful and quiet & very, very clean sites and creek adds as a bonus with sleeping at night. We would recommend this to everyone. Ron & Becky are super hosts. See you next year. (36′ 5th Wheel 06/21 – 06/24)
Eddie & Sharon Moore Temple, GA Site 09 06/24/2012
Very clean, best bath houses we’ve ever experienced. Well maintained, sites were nice, loved camping by the stream with deck over stream. Liked that it was a small family atmosphere! (18′ Travel Trailer 06/21 – 06/24)
David & Jane Love Mebane, NC Site 16 06/24/2012
“Prettiest Little Park This Side of Heaven” such a true statement! Absolutely loved this park! Quiet, peaceful and so clean, had a wonderful relaxing stay. Owners very helpful and met some great neighbors! We are already planning our next stay! (30′ Travel Trailer 06/17 – 06/22)
Doug & Donna Burleson Henrico, NC Site 14 06/22/2012
Very nice campground, a good surprise on our trip of 9 weeks. The site on the river gave us a real point of view on nature, splendid rhododendrons. Everything is clean and quiet. We recommend it to our friends. Thank you Ron. (27′ Travel Trailer 06/18 – 06/20)
Michel & Marie Ducharme Montreal, QC Site 09 06/20/2012
This is absolutely our favorite RV park we’ve visited yet. We loved the tranquility of nature surrounding us as well as access to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Our kids 9 & 7 spent most of their time in the creek when we were at our campsite. Thank you for a wonderful stay. (26′ Travel Trailer 06/14 – 06/19)
Rick & Angie Walker Pass Christian, MS Site 08 06/19/2012
Thank you for allowing us to share your mountain getaway. We had a great time. We will be back! (25′ Travel Trailer 06/15 – 06/17)
Charles & Melanie Williams Maiden, NC Site 03 06/17/2012
We know you have heard this many times before, but this has to be the most beautiful campground ever. This camping trip has been has been unlike any other for us. First is the beauty of the entire grounds, we loved camping by the stream and the soothing sounds of the running water. Ron & Becky you were so concerned with our needs during our first (but not last) trip to your campground. If your plans are to visit a beautiful, restful campground you really gotta come and visit Ron & Becky @ Mountain Stream. (18′ A-Liner 06/16 – 06/17)
William & Toni Hatley Norwood, NC Site 13 06/17/2012
Indeed, the “prettiest little park this side of Heaven”. We’ve been here many times, but each time it’s prettier and better! Flat sites, no dusty mud, wonderful view both visual and auditory. And the grandkids loved the stage for their productions. Thank, Ron & Becky! (30′ Travel Trailer 06/04 – 06/15)
Charles & Carolyn Morrison Littleton, NC Site 13 06/15/2012
We stayed on site 16 this time & we loved it! The campground is so nice & clean & very peaceful. Can’t wait ’til our next trip back! Love it here! (30′ Travel Trailer 06/08 – 06/12)
Mike & Renea Neugebauer Stanfield, NC Site 16 06/12/2012
Thanks again for a great much-needed rest! We love spending time in your backyard that you so graciously share. God Bless you both! See you soon – you know that we will get back as fast as we can! (32′ Travel Trailer 06/08 – 06/12)
Scott & Tracy Efird & Katie Locust, NC Site 20 06/12/2012
Another very enjoyable camping experience. Excellent campground. Hope to return soon! (24′ Travel Trailer 06/01 – 06/05)
Charlie & Terry Andrews Prince Frederick, MD Site 19 06/05/2012
We really enjoyed our stay at Mt. Stream. It is a really nice and quiet campground. Ron & Becky are super hosts. They are very helpful and very nice. We enjoy coming to Mtn Stream RV Park. Thanks. (24′ 5th Wheel 06/02 – 06/04)
Robert & Carolyn Slagle Old Fort, NC Site 03 06/04/2012
We love Mtn. Stream. It is so peaceful even when the campground is full. It truly is a bit of Heaven here on earth. We can’t think of a better place to get away and relax. Ron and Becky have done a great job with each camp site (very spacious) and the landscaping all around Mtn. Stream. We just love being there. (32′ 5th Wheel 05/24 – 05/28)
Fred & Miriam Hayes Fletcher, NC Site 35 05/29/2012
Thank you so much for having us! Price was great, sites were incredibly clean and so well manicured. Dog run was convenient and pleasantly clean. Thanks so much for the immediate attention to the poison ivy @ our site – our children had a such a blast blast playing in the creek. Also well noted:

– S’Mores on Sunday night

– super clean bath house with great water pressure

– contained fire pit and polished picnic tables

– welcome package and parking assistance, so nice

We have already booked our next visit in 2 months – See you then! Thanks. (27′ Travel Trailer 05/25 – 05/28)

Brian & Lesley Bradley Cary, NC Site 24 05/28/2012
Great stay as always. One of the best RV parks in NC! (28′ Travel Trailer 05/17 – 05/26)
Tom & Terri Mitchell Denver, NC Site 14 05/26/2012
What a very beautiful camping experience we had at Mountain Stream. The campground is wonderful and couldn’t have asked for more. We have never camped in such a well maintained and clean campground. Thank you!! (38′ 5th Wheel 05/19 – 05/25)
Bill, Ellen Beth & James Allison Mc Kean, PA Site 30 05/25/2012
This was the most peaceful & relaxing camping trip ever. Ron & Becky ensured our expectations were exceeded with the beautiful landscaping and cleanliness of the entire property. Every site in this park is nice. We will be back very soon. (26′ Travel Trailer 05/20 – 05/26)
Richard & Cynthia Walker Toano, VA Site 16 05/22/2012
We enjoyed our stay very much! Beautiful, well maintained park. Can’t say enough good things! Thanks for a great visit! We will definitely return. (32′ Travel Trailer 05/16 – 05/21)
Ken & Nancy Strickland Erwin, NC Site 07 05/21/2012
If you are looking for a beautiful RV park, this one has to be as good as it gets! We hate to leave and we are looking for a return visit as soon as possible. The park is maintained like a garden with planted areas throughout. The sound of the stream will lull you to sleep each night and awaken you in the morning. We definitely give it 5 stars. We were in a motor home. (40′ Motorhome 05/14 – 05/21)
Robert & Melinda Russell Smyrna, TN Site 09 05/21/2012
This place was one of the best & most beautiful and peaceful & enjoyable campgrounds we have had the pleasure to be in. The great water & the “water, flowers, trees & all”. (24′ Class C 05/16 – 05/17)
Dan Todd Dalton, GA Site 16 05/17/2012
The road to get here is a killer but once we were situated, we found the campground very lovely and peaceful. The stream running right by is so soothing and beautiful! (24′ Travel Trailer 05/05 – 05/10)
Ralph & Gail Warner Milford, MA Site 07 05/10/2012
Another great weekend at Mt. Stream. We’ll be back in a few weeks. Ready to spend a whole week not just a weekend. We LOVE this place! (30′ Travel Trailer 05/04 – 05/06)
Mark Holcomb & Sandra Brown Cleveland, NC Site 03 05/06/2012
Our favorite campground in NC. It’s beautiful, well kept, quiet & friendly. We love the sites backing up to the stream . What could be more peaceful? Our dogs love it too. They have their own space to run in the dog park. We’re all “Happy Campers”! Already planning our next trip. (21′ Travel Trailer 05/04 – 05/06)
Joe & Louise Henry Flat Rock, NC Site 11 05/06/2012
I can honestly say this is the nicest, cleanest, most beautiful campground we visit. The care you take with the grounds make us feel at home as do you & Ron. We hope you all become very familiar with us, our friends, but most of all our family. God Bless. (28′ Travel Trailer 05/03 – 05/06)
Vinnie & Cheryl Atkinson Seneca, SC Site 20 05/06/2012
We had a wonderful stay at Mountain Stream, May 2-6, 2012. our stay on site #30 was relaxing and just what we needed to escape the normal busy work week. Ron & Becky, you were so kind and you have a beautiful mountain campground. I am sure we will return. (30′ 5th Wheel 05/02 – 05/06)
David & Melissa Earnhardt Rockwell, NC Site 30 05/06/2012
Mountain Stream was a real treat for me & my (2) Bichons. Although small but not without spectacular sites and beautifully landscaped. Buck Creek was magnificent in its natural clean beauty. Listening to the rush of cold, clear water to sooth away all your troubles and relax you in a peaceful setting. Big campgrounds can be overwhelming. Mountain Stream is perfect and I look forward to coming back over & over! (30′ Motorhome 05/03 – 05/06)
Donna Jaffe Flat Rock, NC Site 09 05/04/2012
We found Mountain Stream RV Park by searching the internet. Of course folks can advertise anything, but we were so pleased to find it all true. We spent 3 nights and loved it. The creek running by our campsite was beautiful as were the grounds. Wonderful campsites with gorgeous trees for shade. Everything was clean and extremely well kept outside and in the bath house. We will certainly be back. (31′ Travel Trailer 04/29 – 05/02)
Mickey & Nancy Walley Richburg, SC Site 08 05/02/2012
What a great park. The deck over the stream was beautiful! The owners are very friendly & helpful. We’ll be back. (23′ Travel Trailer 04/23 – 04/26)
Dennis & Susie Powlison Adrian, MI Site 15 04/26/2012
The dog area is very good. ‘A’ OK!! Absolutely beautiful campground! (34′ Travel Trailer 04/22 – 04/26)
Dennis & Jackie Prince Madison Heights, VA Site 28 04/26/2012
We enjoyed the weekend – very quiet, beautiful and restful. Other campers were very nice. (28′ Travel Trailer 04/19 – 04/22)
Jerry & Gail Sigmon Maiden, NC Site 09 04/22/2012
We searched the internet for a clean attractive park where we could spend our 40th anniversary. We chose Mountain Stream and we couldn’t be happier about our choice. The park is immaculate, the owners are friendly and it is in close proximity to many of the places we wanted to visit. This may be an annual destination! (35′ Travel Trailer 04/16 – 04/22)
Gregory & Diane Latham Currie, NC Site 28 04/22/2012
Beautiful park in a lovely setting. We used as a base to explore parts of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Gave us easy access and quiet relaxing home to come back to in the evening. We loved staying here. Ron was always available to help and give advice. (22′ Class B 04/17 – 04/21)
Irene Farquhar Graham, WA Site 06 04/21/2012
We loved it, pretty, quiet, relaxing and we will be back. Thank you. (19′ Travel Trailer 04/13 – 04/15)
Michael & Eva Smith Marion, NC Site 11 04/15/2012
Another “great” time at Mt. Stream. We absolutely love it here. The park is immaculate. Spring time weather was great. Will be back soon. Thanks again. OBTW: Max loves the doggie park. (30′ 5th Wheel 04/06 – 04/10)
Jim & Becky Allen Mocksville, NC Site 01 04/10/2012
This was the nicest campground on our trip. Peaceful and clean. Very impressed on how good it is kept. (30′ Class C 04/08 – 04/09)
John & Jane Johnson Kenosha, WI Site 37 04/09/2012
A beautiful campground, well maintained and CLEAN. A great spot for animals, nice pet area. Had a relaxing Easter weekend; even with the cool temperatures. We will definitely return. (26′ Travel Trailer 04/05 – 04/08)
Steve & Trish Faggart Cherryville, NC Site 28 04/08/2012
We really liked this campground, very clean and well kept. Love the sound of the stream. Will be back a lot. Nice and quiet. (30′ 5th Wheel 04/06 – 04/08)
Eric & Angela May Newton, NC Site 10 04/08/2012
It has been 6 years since we’ve been back. The improvements have been most impressive. We have RV’d in 46 states in 14 years. Mountain Stream makes the top 5 campgrounds visited. We will be back. (36′ Motorhome 04/04 – 04/08)
Lee Keck & Marty Ford Charlotte, NC Site 03 04/07/2012
This is our second visit here and not going to be our last. We stayed on April 2 – 3 and 4th. This park has to be one of the most beautiful and best maintained parks we’ve been to. The azaleas and dogwoods were all in bloom. So beautiful. The owner was very gracious and made sure we had everything we needed. (24′ Travel Trailer 04/02 – 04/05)
Leo & Maryann Poitras Kingstree, SC Site 08 04/05/2012
Beautiful spring weekend at Mt. Stream! The peaceful setting and well maintained campground keep us coming back for more. My only complaint is that we can’t stay longer. We will be back again soon! (30′ Travel Trailer 03/30 – 04/02)
Mark Holcomb & Sandra Brown Cleveland, NC Site 17 04/02/2012
Quiet, clean. (22′ Travel Trailer 03/26 – 03/27)
Jacques Lecompte Sainte-Barbe, Quebec Site 04 03/27/2012
Beautiful campground, extremely well maintained with full services including 50 amp, water, sewer, cable and wifi. No cell phone service in mountains and didn’t miss it with everything there is to do in the area. Great location and plan to return soon. (40′ 5th Wheel 03/22 – 03/26)
Jerry & Diane Campbell Winterville, NC Site 19 03/26/2012
Beautiful, well kept & quiet as can be, almost as if we were the only one’s here!! We loved being beside the creek and hearing the rushing water. We went to Crabtree Falls – map said 1.5 miles and moderate. Got there and the sign said 2 miles & strenuous. We did OK but others may not!! (30′ Travel Trailer 03/18 – 03/20)
Johnny & Janet Todd Cornelius, NC Site 07 03/20/2012
We wanted a full service RV park to try out our all the systems on our new RV/truck camper. We Googled campgrounds near Marion – looked at them all & made the obvious choice to come here. What a wonderful oasis we found upon arrival. Greeted by Charlie & Ron, then chatting with Becky on Saturday. Sites are impeccably maintained. All utilities worked perfectly. GOOD WATER! Peanut – the cat – behaved well & seemed to “enjoy” snooping around on her leash. We’ll be back. This is a wonderful place – Thank You! Even our non-camping friends who visited were impressed. (Slide-In Camper 03/16 – 03/18)
John & Lauri Brokaw Fletcher, NC Site 19 03/18/2012
Had a great time, as always. You live up to your slogan – “Prettiest Little Park……….!” We hope to see you again soon. (32′ Motorhome 03/05 – 03/09)
Vernon & Teresa Sorrells Franklin Springs, GA Site 10 03/09/2012
Very well maintained with most reasonable rates. The scenery is outstanding. Most of the campsites have a stream with crystal clear water flowing behind them. It is one of the best campground/RV park we have stayed at on our trip across the U.S. (38′ Motorhome 01/14 – 01/15)
Jerry & Jeannette Steen Chesapeake, VA Site 16 01/15/2012